The Dukan Diet: A 7-Day “Attack Phase” Menu Plan

The Dukan Diet: A 7-Day “Attack Phase” Menu Plan

How hard is it to follow the Dukan Diet in Moscow?

I’ve received a lot of mail about this no-fat, no-carb diet from French physician Dr. Pierre Dukan , credited with keeping the three Middleton women slim and trim. It has garnered quite a following in Russia and there are a lot of Russian-languge active forums , twitter lists , and Facebook groups . Non-Russian speakers, however, seem to be experiencing some challenges.

Full disclosure: I did the Dukan Diet in the US for a month. Despite the strict guidelines, I liked it. It was certainly effective and I am planning to go back on it this spring. I’m no nutritionist, but it certainly seems a healthier approach than the Atkins Diet does. The Dukan Diet mandates a four-step approach to losing weight that includes an “Attack” phase and a “Cruise” phase. I highly recommend that you purchase The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever


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