“School Food Superheroes”:  Change at the School Level

“School Food Superheroes”: Change at the School Level

Last week I  announced that I and a team of school lunch reform luminaries —  Janet Poppendieck ,  Mrs. Q ,  Chef Ann Cooper, Ed Bruske , and  Dr. Susan Rubin — are going to band together to answer a Lunch Tray reader’s simple yet profound question — how does one parent begin to bring about change in school food?  I’m taking on three aspects of this question – change at the classroom, school and district levels, and then I’ll ask this team of “School Food Superheroes” to chime in.

You can read Part One of my answer (change at the classroom level) here .  Today, Part Two.


  • Create the role of “Wellness Coordinator” at your school and have this person (maybe you?) take steps to enforce the wellness policy and oversee related programs, like the ones discussed below.  A similar idea is creating a Wellness Committee as part of the PTA, to be charged with these same issues.   Either way, consider coming up with written, school-wide policies regarding what constitutes an acceptable birthday treat, classroom snack, fundraising item and/or holiday party offering.
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