The Best 2 Player Games for Couples

The Best 2 Player Games for Couples









Finding great games for two players can be a challenge but not anymore! I’m sharing our favorite 2 player board games, 2 player cooperative games and 2 player card games!  Make your next at home date more fun with a game night date with one of our favorite couple games!

These Great Games for Couples will Make Your Next At Home Date Night Fun!

Bryan and I love playing board games with friends. In fact, our main core group of friends bonded over hours of board games – both competitive and cooperative. We felt stuck though when it came to board games for date nights even though it was one of our favorite at home date night ideas. Not anymore! We have slowly grown our collection of couple board games and couple card games (plus a few 2 player games that don’t quite fit either of those categories) – many of which we can play with our friends, too, while offering us a fun 2 player game experience as well.

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