The London Foodie Goes to Peru - Cuzco (Part I)

The London Foodie Goes to Peru - Cuzco (Part I)

There was an array of native Peruvian Ajis(chillies). These included Aji Rocoto red coloured and rather hot, which can be eaten stuffed as in Aji Arequipeño.

Aji Limo, which is red and long and with citrusy tones, from Lima, and used for ceviche and tiradito.

Aji Amarillo is yellow, less spicy than Limo and is also the most popular ajis in Peru, it is used to make a variety of sauces and is part of many dishes including the wonderful Aji de Galina, and when dried is known as Aji Mirasol.

Aji Panca (dried aji rocoto) has a rich depth of flavour that underpins the marinade and sauce that is used to make Anticuchos de Corazon (beef heart skewers) that are a traditional street food in Peru.

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