Favorite Ways to Enjoy Noosa Yoghurt

Favorite Ways to Enjoy Noosa Yoghurt




My Favorite Noosa Yoghurt

Every morning I have the same routine: get up, let the dogs out, and have breakfast while I jot down my daily to-do list. When it comes to breakfast I rotate between three staples: toast, oatmeal, and yogurt. Since being introduced to noosa yoghurt a year ago, it has quickly become one of my favorites (and my husband’s, too!). Our fridge is always stocked with tubs of this stuff.

I don’t normally write posts like this, but I honestly am a big fan of noosa. Alex and I eat so much of their yoghurt. Asides from noosa’s unique combination of sweet and tart taste and velvety thick texture, I love the uplifting messages on each tub: milk life for all it’s worth, live life with the lid off, you’re looking udderly fabulous today, you’re perfect just the way moo are. They’re fun and silly and I love them! They make me smile and set a happy tone for the morning. Like a fortune cookie, I look forward to opening up the tub to read my little message.

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