Clean Eating Quick Lentil Salad

Clean Eating Quick Lentil Salad

Don’t let the simplicity of this bowl of food fool you, I promise that this is a party for your taste buds.

I love lentils, there is no doubt about that. I could quite happily (and often do) just eat them drained from the tin or carton that they came in. They are low in calories and a great source of protein, an essential food for any clean eater. They are also pretty inexpensive and can help to bulk out a meal like my Turkey Lentil Bolognese.

These lentils are a great way to pimp up your lunch time salad. Adding that extra protein and fibre which will help you to feel full as well as adding their beautiful texture and flavour.


  • 1 tin/carton Lentils in water no added anything
  • 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Brown Rice Vinegar I used Clearspring
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Tamri Sauce or low sodium soya sauce
  • 1 handful Mixed Fresh Herbs Basil, Parsley, Coriander
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