Veal Pockets (Ribbet) With Kibbe Balls and Asparagus

Veal Pockets (Ribbet) With Kibbe Balls and Asparagus



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For as long as I can remember, the typical Syrian Jewish Shabbat meal has to have something with “hashu” in it. Whether it be mechshi (a stuffed vegetable) as a side dish, or “ribbet”, which means veal pocket as a main dish, hashu is the spiced meat and rice mixture that goes into every mechshe, yebrat, and ribbet.  When we were kids we thought that  the name”ribbet” was gross, because it sounded like some kind of frog dish, but we quickly got over the weird Syrian name, and everyone always fought over the hashu, or the well cooked  burnt edge of the veal roast..

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