Meet a Food Lover: Photographer Grant Nowell

Meet a Food Lover: Photographer Grant Nowell

Can’t you almost smell the orange in that photograph above? That gorgeous image was taken by Grant Nowell, a multi award-winning professional photographer based in Adelaide.

I first met Grant when he was a presenter at the 3rd Australian Food Bloggers Conference. Afterwards Grant was kind enough to give me a few pointers and over the past few months I’ve appreciated his advice and support. I recently worked on the redesign of his portfolio website, too.

Grant has a wealth of knowledge about photography,  food photography and food styling so I was thrilled when he agreed to share some of his food photography tips and stories with us today.


  • Wrong lighting – always use natural light if possible;
  • Structure and height – flat food looks like road kill;
  • The food has gone cold (if it’s meant to be served hot); and
  • Over garnishing – the best way to trash a gorgeous food picture is to throw on sprigs of parsley a forest of coriander and a few chillis sticking out the top. All this stuff can distracts from the real hero, the food on the plate.
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