40 Top Favorite Summertime Recipes Part 2

40 Top Favorite Summertime Recipes Part 2

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Ranch-Flavored Coleslaw, The Heritage Cook

That’s right, I have 40 more Favorite Summertime Recipes from top bloggers for you all to enjoy! I don’t know who has more fun with these collections, you guys or me, LOL. We have a lovely collection of items that will make any get together special and especially delicious! From quick-to-make shrimp skewers to a luscious steak topped with chimichurri sauce, there is something for everyone.

I promise you will be so hungry by the time you check all these out that you’ll be scampering to the kitchen to make your favorites! I may need to throw a party just to have an excuse to make a bunch of them for The Artist and me!

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