Things I’m Loving Lately

Things I’m Loving Lately

All the things. 

So many random things that I’m loving this month! I have to share the deets.

Happy Friday by the way 🙂 After this post, we’re heading up to the lake, as we normally do, for some sun and relaxation.

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Organic Tampons

I’ve tried the Diva Cup… and I don’t LOVE it. To me, its sort of uncomfortable?? I really want to like it… but in the mean time, I’ve been liking the L. organic cotton tampons that I found at Target! Isn’t it cool how this aisle is slowly improving?! L. tampons are made with 100% organic cotton in bpa-free compact applicators. They’re hypoallergenic and free or rayon, chlorine, fragrance and dyes! They come in this chic container too.

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