4th of July Marshmallow Treat Pops

4th of July Marshmallow Treat Pops

I’m so excited to introduce our new contributor Diana from The Girl Creative! She brought some amazing printables and treats with her. Welcome!

Easy and oh-so-delicious 4th of July Marshmallow Treat Pops that your kids will love.

Hi everyone! My name is Diana from The Girl Creative and I’m so excited to be sharing this super easy 4th of July treat with you along with some free printables to help make it even more festive!

I LOVE sweet treats and I love to bake but I don’t love turning my oven on during the hot summer months. Good thing there are plenty of things you can pick up at the store that you can get a little creative with. My kids love when I put together yummy treats for them, especially for holidays,  so I decided to mix 2 things that I know they all love: Marshmallow Treats and Chocolate!

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