Meet the New “Fast Food” | RDLicious

Meet the New “Fast Food” | RDLicious

What is trending right now? Bowls. Not only bowls, (hello Chipotle, Bolay, freshii), but bowls you can get ON THE FLY. AKA the new healthy fast food.

I was lucky enough to attend a soft opening private blogger party for Fresh Kitchen, the new concept in healthy fast food.

Fresh Kitchen came to town and did not disappoint. At the private blogger opening, we were greeted with paleo cookies and zucchini brownies paired with the cutest set up of their homemade almond milk. Delish!

We then heard the owners talk about their passion for healthy eating on the go and desiring a new wave of healthy fast food, hence the decision to open Fresh Kitchen. Fresh Kitchen is currently only in Florida, but has plans for expansion. Not in Boca? Other Florida locations include St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota. My favorite part of FreshKitchen? The HUGE DOLLOP OF AVOCADO you can add to your bowls. (gimme all the healthy fats)

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