Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Jello – create easy rainbow jello squares using 6 different colors of jello.

April showers bring.. rainbows! Spring is the perfect time for rainbow colored treats. Warmer weather is in the air, I hear the birds chirping again… and there is snow on the ground! Grrrr. I think I prematurely packed away all of our winter gear, but I am refusing to pull anything down from storage so my fingers will just have to put up with it.

You must have known that rainbow jello was in the works. First, we shared a recipe for cute Rainbow Donuts and I’ve been sharing a few recipes that use jello like melon kiwi layered jello cups and swimming peeps jello cups. So it’s time to combine rainbows and jello :)


  • 1, 3oz, box of red jello
  • 1, 3oz, box of orange jello
  • 1, 3oz, box of yellow jello
  • 1, 3oz, box of green jello
  • 1, 3oz, box of blue jello
  • 1, 3oz, box of purple jello
  • Water, boiling and cold
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