How To Can Diced Tomatoes

How To Can Diced Tomatoes

There are several reasons it’s a great idea to can your own tomatoes.

The first reason is this:  BPA’s.  Nearly everyone’s heard of this chemical because of the health risks associated with it.  Sadly it continues to be used in so many of our food products.  In the case of tomatoes, it’s used in the lining of the cans.  Because tomatoes are high in acid, the BPA is more likely to leach out.

So what about cans that advertise BPA-free?  Sure, they’ve removed the BPA but in doing so simply replaced it with another chemical called BPS-Bisphenol S. that comes with many of the same health risks.


  • Fresh tomatoes (figure on roughly 2-3/4 lbs tomatoes per quart jar)
  • Salt, optional: 1 teaspoon per quart or ½ teaspoon per pint jar
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