Daring Gourmet Getaways:  Westin Bellevue Hotel + A Day of Bellevue Food Fun

Daring Gourmet Getaways: Westin Bellevue Hotel + A Day of Bellevue Food Fun

Above image courtesy of Westin Bellevue (also the swimming pool and spa pic).  All other images were taken by and are copyright of The Daring Gourmet.

My husband and I recently took another trip to beautiful Bellevue, Washington.  This time we decided to take our 2 year old daughter with us to enjoy some quality time with her while our 4 year old son enjoyed being thoroughly pampered and doted on by his grandparents.  One of the reasons we chose to take our daughter with us this time is because this trip involved a lot of FOOD and unlike our  son who’s in “picky eater” stage, our daughter loves to explore new foods.  So this was the perfect trip for her.  We strapped the kids in their car seats, dropped our son off at my parents (he excitedly ran to the door and only briefly looked back to give a quick wave goodbye before hop-skipping into the house), and drove to Bellevue.  We were really looking forward to our night’s stay at the newly renovated Westin Bellevue Hotel and the following day’s activities with our 2 year old in tow:  Taste of Main (Bellevue’s annual food festival), the Bellevue Farmer’s Market, and Mercer Slough’s Blueberry Farm!


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