HomeFree Cookie Review

HomeFree Cookie Review

I had the privilege of trying out some new and delicious allergy-friendly cookies to hit the market and give my opinion on them!

HomeFree is a company that was started by a mom with kids who wanted to see all kids…including those with food allergies…included in ALL occasions.  What a great goal, as those of us with kids who can’t have certain foods KNOW what it s like not to let your child have a treat with all the other kids at get-togethers and functions.

When I first went gluten-free, I tried EVERYTHING I could get my hands on in the stores.  It was rather disheartening to discover that many gluten free food available had either corn or dairy in the ingredient list, limiting our choices even further.  What we were left with was a lot of not-so-appetizing and very expensive packaged items loaded with a whole lot of NOTHING in the nutrition department.  One of things I like best about these cookies, even though they are allergy friendly and tasty…..they also contain wholesome ingredients!  Right up my alley HomeFree, thank you!


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