Flu Shots & Pear and Walnut Muffins

Flu Shots & Pear and Walnut Muffins

With all the flu epidemic coverage on the Nightly News with Brian Williams and Scott Pelley from the Evening News, I was feeling like the odd man out not having had the flu shot yet. So last Friday around 11:30 AM I had that trusty flu shot-cocktail administered. Now…just to preface, I’ve been pretty lucky in the past with flu shot side effects. Usually, no side effects except for a very sore arm.

Four hours later, Hubbs and I meet friends to try out a new restaurant. Heading home after dinner, I had Saturday breakfast on my mind already. My cousin and nephew were arriving bright and early to spend the morning with us and I was running through my cabeza what needed to get done and what I was going to cook up. And then…it hit me LIKE A TRAIN! Fever, chills, every single inch of my body was aching and…that dinner we had with friends, upchucked! Hours into the nightmarish ordeal I was wondering if it was worth getting a flu shot to begin with. I can’t remember ever feeling so TERRIBLE. What was I going to tell my cousin? Ugh! The timing. Early saturday morning I woke up and couldn’t believe the night before misery and then realized…I felt better – tired from lack of sleep, but the storm had passed.


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