Edible Gardening Section Expanded · Teenie Cakes

Edible Gardening Section Expanded · Teenie Cakes

from our labor of love – the edible garden

It’s been sometime in the making…A newer main part of the journal – the Edible Gardening section expanded…

By using the term “expanded” I mean that there’s now a section on the journal devoted entirely to our ever-evolving edible garden.

Edible Gardening section

From the main navigation on the Teenie Cakes journal, I’ve added an “Edible Gardening” section and building tables of resources and information pertaining to the plants we’ve selected for our landscape and garden over the years…over a decade in the making. As I’ll mention in the verbiage before the resources for each page, many of the plants were selected based on culinary qualities and difficulty or pricey availability in local markets.

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