Fruits in Taiwan - Spring/ Summer 春夏水果在台湾

Fruits in Taiwan - Spring/ Summer 春夏水果在台湾

We missed out on some of these fruits last November. So, this April/May trip in Taiwan, we had our fair share of in-season fruits.

Wax Apple 莲雾 - the peak season is sometime in February/March but we hopped on to the end of the season's harvest and enjoyed some subtly sweet, juicy and crisp wax apples. The texture is no where near to apples, instead something in between crisp-firm Chinese pear and crisp-soft watermelon.

Black-Pearl Wax Apple

There are a few varieties commonly found in Taiwan namely "Bullet-Shaped" Wax Apple 子弹莲雾 and "Black-Pearl" 黑珍珠. The fruit lady actually told me the elongated "Bullet-Shaped" Wax Apple is the modified version of the bell-shaped wide-base Black Pearl (shown above).

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