’tis A Polka-dot Spree, Oh Glee!

’tis A Polka-dot Spree, Oh Glee!

* *For the end of summer days, a polka dot spree – * *

* *Marshmallow pops, here, take two or three, **

* * * egg-n-cuke wiches – oh, what a treat * , **

* * * berrylicious cupcakes, so moist and sweet * , **

* *crispy, crunchy, potato-a-gooey balls of cheese **

* *and cutesy salad-on-skewers, all made to please! **

Glorious ol’ summer, as endless as it has seemed, is coming to an end, sadly, and it’s time to acquire those supplies, revamp those wardrobes and send the little troopers out and into the able hands of their new grade teachers. To celebrate the end of summer days, we’re hosting a cute and comely indoor spree that calls for little drudgery and more revelry than you can possibly imagine. In our latest * * Funnibbles * * package, we show you how to work your creativity and serve up a feast for the cute little sun-warmed squads, lovers of both pinstripes and polka dots..

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