"You've Got to Find What You Love"

"You've Got to Find What You Love"

“You’ve Got to Find What You Love”

Inspiration from Steve Jobs, “You’ve Got to Find What You Love”

Updated 10/6/2011: I have a tribute post for Steve Jobs on his passing :(

I just read one of the most powerful speeches, ever. Not really surprised, though, because it was by Steve Jobs. He’s truly an inspiration and I know I’m totally an Apple fangirl, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s good at what he does!

My friend, Jeff, showed me this speech and after reading it, you feel so inspired and yet so sad for Steve Jobs because of what recently happened. My dad said it’s eventually gotta happen — you gotta one day pass your title and company to someone and a successor always needs to happen; but to me, Steve Jobs is the man. He has such an extraordinary vision, which is shown through his very successful company, Apple. He’s guided it to be the most powerful and most valued technology company today. What a great footprint to leave behind, yet very big shoes to fill by new CEO, Tim Cook.

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