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Crispy Dogs






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A San Antonio treat the crispy dog is addicting! A hot dog, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in a tortilla and lightly fried is a Texas treat you must try!

Crispy Dogs

I recently hosted a fun Facebook live with the creative group behind BarbacoApparelThey shared their vision behind their brand, how they are inspired by San Antonio to create tees that showcase the culture of San Antonio. From the beloved bean & cheese to their come and take it Barbacoa Apparel hopes are to highlight SA folklore and different aspects of Hispanic culture. Each tee is developed and designed by the team. Richard, Matt, and Nydia met at work in 2009. Over the course of five years, the friends collaborated on (and very quickly scrapped) many bad business ideas—always hoping to strike gold. By 2014, BarbacoApparel was born.

With each Facebook live I ask my guests to share a recipe that resonates with their childhood. BarbacoApparel came in strong with the crispy dog; a beloved San Antonio treat that was introduced in 1949. A cross between a corn dog and a flauta, stuffed with cheese, lightly fried and typically served with mustard and a heaping pile of french fries I was instantly furious at myself for never having heard or consumed this crispy treat before. The crispy dog is amazing.

As Richard puts it crispy dogs are Puro San Antonio.

The locals say the original crispy dog was invented by the Malt House. It quickly became one of their best-selling items, and soon the crispy dogs were popping up into other San Antonio eateries. Both Richard and Nydia grew up eating crispy dogs. Their moms would make them for dinner. Richard said it was an inexpensive meal to feed a large family, plus the kids loved them.

After the Facebook live, I had numerous requests from my family to make these cheesy dogs. I whipped up a few batches and served them with tomatillo salsa. My family loved them.

Thanks for sharing BarbacoApparel. I’m including the Facebook live video below where you can see the BarbacoApparel crew make San Antonio’s famous crispy dogs. Follow BarbacoApparel along on Instagram.


Crispy DogsAuthor Vianney Rodriguez

Yield 12 Serves


  • 12 hot dogs, Nathan’s hot dogs were recommended by BarbacoApparel
  • 8 ounces cheddar cheese, sliced into thick matchsticks
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