100% Whole Wheat Orange Blueberry Muffins

100% Whole Wheat Orange Blueberry Muffins

*These whole wheat orange blueberry muffins have extra nutrients with chia seeds, they are only sweetened with honey, and they are egg free! *

Muffins are such a great way to start the day!  These muffins not only have some filling fiber with blueberries and whole wheat flour, but we even added some extra fiber with the chia seeds.  Plus, I’ve added a new category to our blog for egg-free recipes (for those with kids that can’t eat eggs).

Eggs are a delicious and healthy source of protein, and we love eggs! However, egg allergies are becoming more and more common, so I wanted a muffin that didn’t require them.  Eggs are used in baked goods for three reasons:


  • Moisture.
  • Leavening
  • Binding
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