New Healthy Meals for You | Healthy Ideas for Kids

New Healthy Meals for You | Healthy Ideas for Kids

My kids have been hard at work earning their tickets to Disneyland.  We have 15 fleece blankets to tie, and we get 5 free Disney tickets.  My mother in law gave us ALL the fleece.  My Grandma lives in So.Cal, so we’ll stay with her! I think I’m more excited than the kids!  The best part is that my semester will be over and I can finally relax!  (blurry pic, sorry)

*The lettuce wrapped taco idea was provided by reader Chelsea. Here is what Chelsea said:

Here’s an idea you can share. I use the leaf of cabbage as a taco shell… Well it wasn’t a taco but it had a delightful chicken salad in it and we held it like a taco! One child holds it like a taco and eats it that way and they other just uses it like a bowl. I am sneaky though.. The cabbage was in the chicken salad too.


  • Tofu Smoothie
  • Applesauce bread
  • Cottage cheese pancakes
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