Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb

Yesterday Pittsburgh celebrated St Patrick's Day with our annual parade and drinking in public from 8am until around 3am. Yup 19 hours of straight drinking. I'm pretty sure thousands of Irish Car Bombs were consumed in addition to many many many gallons of beer.

Late in the afternoon as we watched the streets fill up with partiers all decked out in green, I asked Jon, "Hey!! Will you do me a favor and drink an Irish Car Bomb?"

Being the nice guy that he is, he agreed.

To make an Irish Car Bomb, you need Irish Stout and Irish Cream. We had some Bailey's Irish Cream, but no stout. So he walked to the Intermission Lounge around the corner. They had no Irish stout... and there were a gazillion drunks out, so he came back home... with no Irish Stout.

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