Travel Meals, Roasted Wins, + Jillian Michaels

Travel Meals, Roasted Wins, + Jillian Michaels

Traveling to pretty locations is fabulous.

And then you come home…

Last week I was in Arizona at the Camel Back Inn with my mom.  You guys saw part of my travel meals Wednesday .  I made it – and I ate pretty well!  In fact, often I was more happy to be eating my food than the resort food!  That, the fact that I didn’t give in to the temptation of a tasty margarita in the desert sun… the overall sense of accomplishment… is carrying over today to make my Monday Marvelous .

Breakfast was easy – oatmeal all doctored up with my delicious Growing Naturals protein and berries and cinnamon from the hotel.  I also asked for lots of lemon .

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