Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos

Today I want to share the first two photos I ever shot of the Eiffel Tower . They were snapped on an overcast Parisian day.

My husband and I were out for a walk around the neighborhood when I noticed the tower peeking out between the buildings. I positioned myself as best I could and took these pictures.

They were shot on a Pentax K-1000 film camera that my husband gave me. Oh, how I loved it and snapping photos of everything I saw or came across.

Back then I was still learning about composition, aperture, shutter speeds and how to properly load the film onto my camera. These photos aren’t perfect, but I love them because they are the first snaps I shot of the Eiffel Tower, and because this is around the time I was infected by the photography bug.

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