The 3 C's of Blueberry Cobbler  - SippitySup

The 3 C's of Blueberry Cobbler - SippitySup


The 3 C’s of Blueberry Cobbler

17 Jun 2014

By Greg Henry

Blueberry Cobbler. Or should I say Blueberry Crumble? I’m pretty sure I don’t mean Blueberry Crisp. The topping is not that crisp. In fact the ‘biscuits’ that top this cobbler (crumble?) are made with sour cream. Giving this Blueberry Cobbler (yes, cobbler) a luscious texture. I’m bothering with all this supposition because in the online food world it’s not unusual for a fruit cobbler to be mistaken for a crumble, or a crumble to bubble over into crisp territory. So when I present one of these 3 C’s I always bother with semantics.

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