A Food Affair from India

A Food Affair from India

A normal vegetarian North Indian meal is no more than a spread. It doesn’t have to be a heavy spread all the time. The focus is on the balanced meal of proteins, carbs, fibers and all the required nutrition.

A spread of Salad, Rice, Rotis (Indian bread), Lentils, Eggplant mash (Baingan bharta), Corriander Chutney.

Wait for the recipes :)).


*Eggplant Mash (baba ghanoush, baingan bharta) *

Coriander Chutney



This spread can be elaborated to adding more dishes or can be kept as simple as to just lentils as soup with salad tossed on top, a combination of lentils and rice, lentils with roti and salad eggplant mash and roti with salad, or anyway you like.

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