I Love Lists Friday!

I Love Lists Friday!

Welcome to I love lists Friday! Here's what I'm digging this week:

I love BANANA anything!! Look at this ice cream. DANG!

When should you use the word MOIST?

Go check out the new site design over at Whoorl. It's so pretty.

Well...guess who HAS to go to IKEA now??!

Kitchen Tools that are worth looking at. Or not.

Nutella S'mores Pop Tarts?? OMFG.

Shrimp Nacho Bites. I would eat this whole tray....

This one pot pasta dish celebrates tomato season RIGHT.

Casey and I are introverts with an extrovert kid.

Food tattoos! That artichoke one is really pretty.


What happens to your body after drinking Coke.

This photo project makes me happy.

These perfectly timed photos amaze me.

Trees as architectural elements! WANT

Kids are exhausted today. Must be all the video game playing. I kid, I kid.

This post makes question having sleepovers.

Did you know you're cat is trying to talk to you?


An incredible TED talk by my hero, Lucinda Scala Quinn.

Hmm. Is that why I love music?

People who love the beach are the best people to be around.

Who needs a fair when you can make funnel cakes at home?

Book I finished on vacation last week: The All You Can Dream Buffet: A Novel (it was good!!)

This week on Ebay, I wrote the follow guides:

Go Take a Hike!  My Essentials for hiking.

Getting Your House Ready for Company

Here are some of my favorite collections:


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