Roasted Carrots with Yogurt & Cilantro Sauce

Roasted Carrots with Yogurt & Cilantro Sauce

What’s the quickest way to get you to consume TWO pounds of carrots?!!

I figured it out…

Roast them with cinnamon, salt & pepper.

Drizzle roasted carrots with a cilantro pesto, toasted pepitas and finish it with a creamy sriracha yogurt sauce.

Salty/ sweet/ smokey/ spicy/ tangy/ herby/ tender carrots!

Sorry/not sorry you ate 2 lb. bag of carrots!

And we’re off!

Peel those carrots. I like the rainbow variety!

Drizzle the olive oil on the baking sheet. Throw the cinnamon on there.

Rub the carrots with the cinnamon oil. Season with salt & pepper.

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