My Everyday Life: Week 52

My Everyday Life: Week 52

Here's what the last week of 2014 looked like:

Our tree this year. We've had it for 7 years (?) now.

Half of my house was in white/blue/green.  The other half was a red/green combination.

My dad digging into the pate on Christmas Eve.

Remind me to use glitter more often...and to be more careful next time.

A little piece of my table.

It was a super mellow Christmas this year. My brother & his fiancee came up from Los Angeles and my parents came from the city. We had a sleepover and a sit down dinner.  Normally we have Casey's family over for dinner, but family members have moved and things have shifted a little bit. We're in the in between...figuring out new traditions. Life is like that, you know?  I did really miss all of the cousins. I know Cooper did too.

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