My Latest Obsessions

My Latest Obsessions

Temperamentally, I tend towards moderation.   I like to vary my menus, I rarely binge-watch TV shows, I don’t wear the same clothes, or the same shoes, every day.   There are a few things that catch my fancy, that I feel compelled to return to and even to proselytize.  These are my latest obsessions.


(Besides the blooming irises in my newly drought-tolerant front yard.)



I am a trivia head.  I sometimes wonder what I could accomplish if my head wasn’t stuffed full of trivia.  Since it is stuffed full of useless trivia, I shall have to content myself with acing Sporcle quizzes.  From the completely trivial (Can I, in fact, identify mammals by close ups of their ears?) to the educational (I can now name 53 of the 54 countries in Africa consistently, though for some reason I always forget Uganda), to the mind bending (logic puzzles) or amusing (Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel?).  It’s a fun tool for procrastination, learning and just blowing off some steam (or those facts buzzing around in your head).

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