These Refrigerator Pickles are Going to Make You Win at Life This Summer

These Refrigerator Pickles are Going to Make You Win at Life This Summer

The story of these cucumber refrigerator pickles is also the story of a lone cucumber plant.

Our garden is finally in full bloom. Tomatoes slowly ripening, sweetcorn ready to harvest, one raspberry turning red a day.

There also happen to be two top producing cucumber plants. Right next to them, we added two mini cucumber plants.

I assumed them to be regular snacking cucumbers, since they weren’t label in any other way than “mini cucumbers”.

The plants were positively thriving, seemingly growing bigger by the minute, hundreds of tiny little strands hugging their supportive bamboo sticks.

So many tiny blossoms, so many tiny cucumbers that just wouldn’t get any bigger.

And they were taking up a lot of space, especially considering the lack of edible produce.

One evening, after watering our tiny patch of land, Brani decided to remove them in favor of something actually resulting in being part of our dinner.

Life, in its wondrous twists and turns, just so happened to mock me the very next morning.

As I was browsing Saveur’s website, I was shown a related article.

An article about cucumbers.

With a featured image of the very same mini cucumbers my husband had just gotten rid of.

Apparently they’re a highly sought after variety dubbed “watermelon cucumbers”.

Could it really be? I’m sure this must have happened to the first accidental growers of kalettes and any other kind of trendy produce out there.

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping, because in all honesty, that article made me feel really dumb.

Either way, through some pure luck and magic, we salvaged one of the cucumber plants.

It is currently growing back into the soil, most strands dried out, with a single strong one surviving.

Upon realizing out mistake, we harvested all cucumbers from both plants and made pickles.

I slightly adapted the pickled cucumber recipe I made to go with my cured salmon a couple years ago.

Since the watermelon gherkins would be a real pity to cut, they take longer to pickle in the fridge than regular sliced cucumbers would.

I initially tried them after a couple hours, but they were best after about 12. The pickles start their decline after about 24 hours, so you’ll want to make a small batch to be eaten at once.

I stored them in a few cute jars I picked up a few months ago, and haven’t used since I made greek yogurt cheesecake jars (which serve equally well as a summer picnic recipe).

I have a couple weck jars and a few Italian Fido jars, both of which look gorgeous, close up well and are really portable.

Let’s just hope I’m not going to keep ripping out hipster vegetables. Otherwise you’ll easily notice by a steep influx of pickle recipes here on Savory Nothings.

How to make watermelon cucumber refrigerator pickles:

Watermelon Cucumber Refrigerator Pickles

Stun everyone at your next summer BBQ party or picnic with these watermelon cucumber refrigerator pickles. They’ll make you the star of any potluck!


  • 3.5 oz water
  • 3.5 oz white balsamic vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns
  • 2 small shallots, sliced into thin wedges
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