simple | luxury				 December 2, 2015

simple | luxury December 2, 2015

Running With Tweezers



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can’t get this salad out of my head

simple | luxury December 2, 2015

I was on location last week at Cakes & Ale (a wonderful restaurant in Atlanta – do yourselves a favor and go) and I turned to the chef, Billy Allin and said “This might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said…but I have a white truffle at home. What’s a new way I can use it?”.  He teased me for a minute or two then told me to bring them to the restaurant and he’d put it on anything I want. Two years in a row, I’ve had the good fortune around this time to have a fresh white truffle from the sweet folks at Gourmet Attitude. The first time, I won them over at Denise & Lenny’s terrific blog Chez Us. When those beauties showed up, we immediately made pizzas on the grill and shaved them right on top with reckless abandon.

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