currently – april 2017 (ToL #230)

currently – april 2017 (ToL #230)

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday! No idea what I’m going on about? Click here!

Hello, hello, friendly faces! I hope you guys don’t mind me throwing another Currently + ToL combo at you, but my brain is literally farting as far as random thoughts go, so I figured a little structure would help things along

Current book: 10 – 15 pages of A Court of Mist and Fury before I pass out for the night Don’t judge me!

Current music: New month, new music! Here’s my latest additions to Spotify…

Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Late nights. I went to sleep a little earlier the other night (maybe like 11:30?) and ended up waking up at around 5… which just made the day feel so crazy long. If I go to bed around 1, I wake up at 7ish… and that seems to make time go by a lot quicker.

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