. thinking out loud #31 .

. thinking out loud #31 .

What does it say about me when my favorite posts to write are those that come in random bullet form? Thursday, you’re a godsend.

Relationships are all about compromise, so this morning… I compromised…

Plain Greek yogurt, *eggy banana oats* , Kashi cinnamon Harvest, homemade *applesauce* , and almond butter.

I couldn’t decide between cereal or oatmeal , so I had both. Together. In one bowl. Don’t judge me.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to avoid my computer for the next few days. Why? Well, Blend is happening this weekend and I don’t think I can handle reading through all the recaps and seeing so many of my favorite bloggers have fun without me. Still kicking myself for not going. Next year for sure… although I think I recall saying the same thing on a few occasions in the past and never following through.  *Bad habit. * But nevermind that. The point is… this weekend I’ll be blissfully unplugged.

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