Open-faced Pickled Beet and Bried Fried Egg Sandwich

Open-faced Pickled Beet and Bried Fried Egg Sandwich

When a food blogger finds something so tasty she (me) eats it 3 days in a row it’s time to share. You may start out skeptical but you need to give this open-faced sandwich recipe with pickled beets and brie a try.

I get bored easily. It’s one reason I don’t eat breakfast very much. If breakfast isn’t going to be tasty then why waste the time? I could go for a full breakfast every morning if it wasn’t for the fact that I would have to spend time making it. That’s just not practical with how much I need to fit in my day.

I also am not a huge fan of eggs. They’re boring. That’s why when I griped about not knowing what to make for my breakfast and my son spoke in an awe-filled voice about how he could make me a fried egg sandwich with lettuce and tomato, I looked at him like he was nuts and said back in the same voice, “That sounds boring. Now if you want to use that voice and talk about about a fried egg sandwich with cheese and bacon and caramelized onions, I’m buying it.”

Reality is there was no time. If I’m going to hit the gym in the AM I can’t take the time to make a fancy breakfast (nor should I blow every bit of workout on that sandwich). But maybe I can. If I can make it quick. This open-faced sandwich recipe came about by a twist of boredom. I looked in the fridge, saw the brie, and thought it would add a nice flavor change-up to my egg sandwich but it needed something more.

And just like that my gaze landed on the container of Love Beets Honey+Ginger pickled beets. It was a crazy thought but I figured the tangy beets would pair well with slightly nutty creamy brie and if not, well, I gave it a go and would learn for next time.

I made the sandwich open-faced because I didn’t want to blow every calorie I burned off on breakfast but it really ends up being perfect that way because I tried it with 2 slices of toast just to see and it was too much. Let’s face it though. I only go to the gym so I can eat food. True story. I know it’s good for me. Blahblahblah. And yes, I feel great afterwards, but seriously, that hour of my day could be spent elsewhere and I would be just as happy.

But now for the good stuff…


Open-faced Pickled Beet and Brie Egg SandwichPrep 2 mins

Cook 7 mins

Total 9 mins

Author Heather L McCurdy


  • 1 slice bread
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 sliver brie
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