5 Fruit-Infused Water Combinations to Stay Hydrated

5 Fruit-Infused Water Combinations to Stay Hydrated

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I never enjoyed the taste (or lack thereof) of water but it’s important to stay hydrated so I found ways to make it happen. Today I want to show you how to make flavored water with several of my favorite flavor combinations and share how I keep on top of my water intake.

Growing up we had one choice for what to drink – water. Water was boring. Water didn’t taste good. When country girl met city water it was even more disgusting. Ice cold flavored water became my “lifeline” to stay hydrated. I tried different flavor enhancers and just couldn’t get into them. I wanted that fruity flavor without sweetener so started experimenting with homemade flavored waters. (I’m sharing some easy favorites below).

But I still had a problem since I am always on the go. A glass of water is hard to haul around so I tried different water bottles. Some water bottles just didn’t hold up to a beating, weren’t easy to hold, leaked, or didn’t keep my water cold long enough. Does this sound familiar?

A Water Bottle to Love

Just over a year ago I finally found a good quality water bottle that I loved (and still love). I bought a stainless steel Contigo water bottle that is my trusty sidekick wherever I go. After it stayed loyal for a year I bought one for my husband and planned to pick another one up for me. I’m glad I waited.

They just released the new Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Bottle so when I had this opportunity to work with them I knew it was the perfect time to add to the “family.”

The new Contigo has new colors and a slightly different style than my original water bottle. It’s even easier to carry and comes in a wide variety of colors. I picked mine up at Target where they have a limited time offer on them for $19.99. Just a note that I didn’t find mine back in fitness. Instead, they are up in housewares. Right now they have a special endcap with them.

Target also has several exclusive colors: matte black with iced aqua (mine!), stainless steel with Monaco (a pretty blue), and Very Berry (pink stainless steel body and top). It was a difficult choice between the 3 and when I asked the kids they each had a different favorite but I ultimately went with the black matte for a “new look.”

Favorite “Contigo features”

It is leak and spill proof – For real! I don’t know how often I toss it on the passenger seat of my minivan and it hasn’t leaked once. The lids truly seal with AUTOSEAL® technology. Do make sure you thread it on properly though as it will leak if not on right.

Stays cold up to 28 hours – YES! It really does! They use Thermalock™ Vacuum Insulation to ensure this and, even better, the bottle doesn’t sweat. I’ve put ice water in it by my bed at night and still had ice water in the morning!

The spout – the handy flip top cover protects the spout top from getting dirty and you open the spout itself with a little button on the back of the bottle, making it an easy one hand operation. If you’ve ever attempted to stay coordinated on a treadmill while grabbing a sip of water THIS MATTERS. Best of all, as soon as you release the button it seals the spout again.

Easy carry – I’m one of those people who likes to load up my arms and shoulders with everything possible to make it a “one trip” event. The carry handle built into the top flips up easily so I can loop it over a finger and keep my hands free for other things like grocery bags, gym bag, etc.

Easy clean – The stainless steel base is easy to wash, and I can enjoy my favorite flavored waters without it absorbing the flavors. The lid can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Tips for Staying Hydrated and 5 Flavor Combos

Create water goals. If you aren’t drinking ANY water, start out with an easy goal. 1 water bottle a day is 24 ounces (3 cups). Once you hit that goal add 1 more water bottle (6 cups) and add until you hit your ultimate goal.

Blackberry and Basil Water


  • 6 blackberries cut in half
  • 1 basil leaf folded in half and sliced thinly
  • 2 slices lime
  • 2 ounces coconut water
  • 1 strawberry, sliced
  • 2 mint leaves, chopped
  • 3 blackberries cut in half
  • 3 thin slices lemon
  • 3 thin slices fresh ginger
  • 3 thin wedges watermelon
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