How to Shop at ALDI + My 20 Favorite Things to Buy!

How to Shop at ALDI + My 20 Favorite Things to Buy!

Several years ago, my friend Lisa was raving about ALDI . But I was skeptical and stubborn. I had my routine and knew my neighborhood grocery store inside and out.

Luckily she persisted. One day she took me to ALDI, showed me the ropes, and pointed out all her favorite items. Then I was hooked.

Now I rave about ALDI too (and was thrilled when they invited me to be a part of their ALDI Advisory Council , along with several other registered dietitians). And now I take friends on my own version of an ALDI tour.


  • ALDI takes a no-frills approach. Food is stocked on the shelves in boxes and on pallets.
  • ALDI stores are smaller than typical supermarkets. While a supermarket stocks about 30,000 items, ALDI carries about 1,400. Regular grocery stores have 30-plus aisles, ALDI has just 4-5 aisles. This means a streamlined shopping experience. I’m usually in and out in 20 minutes!
  • ALDI carries mostly ALDI-exclusive brands, though you will find some brand name products there too.
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