Fab Real Foodie Finds: Cappello's Gluten Free -

Fab Real Foodie Finds: Cappello's Gluten Free -

Have you tried grain-free pasta? (Must be an oxymoron, right?)

Do you miss the ease of slice and bake cookie dough from your non-gluten-free-real-food days?

We love making our own food from scratch. Most of our recipes are simple and easy to make.

But, every once in a while it’s nice to have a little hand in making a meal, or pull a treat from the freezer…and not compromise our dietary standards!

Enter Cappello’s Gluten Free.

Cappello’s is a small, gourmet food company whose products are gluten free and grain free. They make pasta and cookie dough using almond flour and other real food ingredients that are paleo friendly.

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