How to Choose Pots and Pans: My Thoughts + A Review

How to Choose Pots and Pans: My Thoughts + A Review

I realize very well that aside from using quality ingredients and applying the right techniques at the kitchen, using the right kitchen tools is just as important.  After all, they do affect the way dishes come out.

As a practical home cook, here are my criteria on how to choose pots and pans well.

Budget – Budget pretty much determines everything.  If quality is priority, then one has to be prepared to pay for it.  If one wants a low price, you’ll need to check if:  1) the quality passes your standards enough; and 2) it will not cause you to spend more later on– it’s false economy that is the result of a save-now-but- pay-more-later situation..  One needs to find his preferred balance of these two variables.


  • On a budget and are looking for a good deal (1,399 for a 5-pc set like this is value for money)
  • Looking for a set that balances quality and price well
  • Cooking using traditional stoves and not induction stoves
  • Cooking simple, everyday dishes
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