My Top 5 Tips for a Radiant Life - RADIANT LIFE

My Top 5 Tips for a Radiant Life - RADIANT LIFE

My top 5 practices for a life that is glowing and in flow with what is.

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1. Create a quite and clear space for in flow. This is mediation. A time for you and the divine, you and the wild, undomesticated center of yourself. This focused time doesn’t have to be long (although you’ll start to tap in more frequently), 5 minutes if fine. If you think you can do 10 minutes, make it 8. The goal is to not be fidgety and waiting for the time to end, the goal is to simply be. I often need 3 minutes to just let my head clear. I watch my thoughts and acknowledge them but I don’t attach or judge them. See you’re thoughts flowing down an imagine river, let them pass. I often imagine my heart is a nose and I breath from there, this visual helps me, funny and effective. I always ask the universe/god/spirit to work though me and let me be a vessel for the light. I ask to remember my true nature and to create from that innocent space. This time is for you and your god. This will change your life. I think this is best to do in the early am and right before you head to sleep.

2. Feed your body right. We literally are what we eat. I’m seeing this more and more lately. I’m very effected by the food I put into my system. I had eggs and butter last night and this morning woke up with puffy eyes and a food hangover because they don’t jive well with my body. This affects my heart and mind too. When I’m not eating and feeding myself what feels best for my body, it makes it harder to tap in to my heart because I’m cloudy and have low energy. Choose to thrive by listening to your body and being the change.

3. Superfood load up! I’m all about loading up on quality superfood and getting my nutrients from these amazing foods. Currently on my top list. Matcha green tea powder, Tocos, Reishi, Ghee, raw Cacao. These foods help me get the nutrients I need and I don’t need to eat a whole bunch! They are energizing so they keep me from turning to coffee.

4. Move your body! We all know that exercise is important. We know we should but we often prioritize in an order that leaves our body out. If you’re busy like me, you only have a little bit of time to dedicate to focused movement. Try doing shorter workouts, HIIT is an amazing and quick form of working out that is extremely effective for toning and for time! It’s all about doing what you can with the time you have.

5. Money, how to handle it! This is something that took me a while to learn. As a young girl, no one taught me about money, about it’s energy. Money is neither bad or good. We give it a personality based on our beliefs. I’ve learned that money comes and go. I say a simple blessing that Gabby Bernstein taught whenever I pay out. “There is more where this came from”. I let go of money with love and receive it with thanks. I’m thankful for all I have and I’m not frivolous. I choose what I spend my money on wisely and I don’t wear it. I by quality over quantity and only when I’m in a position to do so. By treating money with respect, you respect yourself and create an open flow for it to come in

6. Sex, desire, lust and love. Another thing that it’s taken me a while to grasp fully. I used to be only attracted to those who couldn’t love me. I would obsess over unavailable men. Men who treated me not very kindly. I would blame this on them… they were assholes, mean and just using me. When I got a grip and started creating a healthy relationship with myself I saw that really I was the asshole, I was mean and I was not valuing myself. I actually was using them to fill a void in myself. I was totally desperate and needy and not able to truly be a partner. I pushed these men away. I based my value on my sexual appeal and their approval of me. Many problems with this! It got to the point where I was all alone. I turned to the Work by Byron Katie to assist me in working this part of my life out. I’m now in a place where I can receive love from my partner, I can feel my deep and wild passion, I can enjoy sex and not use it, I can truly love. This is stuff that not many want to talk about because we feel shame, but the only way to release that shame and let love in is to share and confide in the ones who truly do love us! No shame my loves! It’s all helping us get to the greater good.



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