My Healthy Living Philosophy

My Healthy Living Philosophy


I’ve been getting some emails with questions about my diet, lifestyle and parenting views . I thought I’d share a little bit on my healthy living philosophy! It’s taken me a while to figure out what kind of lifestyle works for my body, mind and spirit.  Life is so wonderful and mysterious, my daily doings have changed a bit from when I began blogging, but my core values hold true.


I used to be very firm on not taking any supplements. I was a hardcore raw vegan. I felt like I should be getting all of my nutrients from the healthy food I was eating. In a perfect world that would have been true. In our world it’s a bit different (I have found). Our food is mass produced, yes even our Whole Foods organic produces comes from big farms who then package and ship those foods to us. The nutrient content diminishes, it just the way it is. I do as much local and self-grown produce as possible… But at the end of the day, my body needs some supplements to keep up with the daily grind.

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