Chilly Spiced Goji Bars (Raw-Vegan)

Chilly Spiced Goji Bars (Raw-Vegan)

Red chilly - 2-3 (control according to your spice level)

Add goji berries, dates, chillies and salt into a dry blender jar and blend till you get a coarse mixture and everything start to bind together.

Transfer to a bowl and add coconut oil and chopped nuts and mix well.

Press into a shallow rectangular glass dish and keep refrigerated for couple of hours.

Cut into bars. This makes about 10 mini-bars.

If you are travelling for work, or generally staying late at work, and you are not sure about the choice of food that you are going to have, it is always a good idea to pack some healthy alternatives from home. A bunch of apples, home made trail-mix with raw nuts/seeds/dry-fruits, home made energy bars etc. can always be handy. Here's a quick recipe for a spicy and nutritious energy bar.

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