Review: Meals Made Simple  {Plus a giveaway!}

Review: Meals Made Simple {Plus a giveaway!}

I rarely Paleo-bake. Actually, the first few times I tried to make Paleo pancakes or Paleo muffins, it wasn’t edible. Thank goodness I work for two food bloggers, or I would never get my sweet fix on.

But when I was flipping through Danielle Walker’s second book, Meals Made Simple, I could not stop staring at her desserts. Go figure, right? While I don’t trust my own baking skills, I have heard many compliments on Danielle’s ability to work with alternative flours. Her first book, Against All Grain, had a beautiful selection of Paleo baked treats, and the reviews all stated they tasted just like the “real” thing. Actually, I can remember the day we [Primal Palate] reviewed her first book! Hayley baked up a loaf of Danielle’s famous bread, and it was amazing. We all enjoyed Paleo toast piled high with butter. [I swear, sometimes I wish I still ate bread just so I had an excuse to eat more butter.]

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