Paprika and Parmesan Potato Wedges - Lord Byron's Kitchen

Paprika and Parmesan Potato Wedges - Lord Byron's Kitchen

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Roasted to perfection and perfectly seasoned, Paprika and Parmesan Potato Wedges are the perfect side dish – smoky, garlicky, onion-y, and cheesy – could these get any better?

Who doesn’t love a good potato wedge?  I’ve loved them ever since I can remember, but I don’t remember loving them this much since I was about twelve or thirteen years old.  (That was a long, long time ago!)

Whenever we order pizza, being the big eater that I am, I always like to have a side dish as well.  I’m not sure whoever thought of serving pizza with garlic bread, potato wedges, or chicken wings, but I’d like to meet them one day.  They’re one of my heroes.  Usually when we order pizza, we order a family value special so that we can accommodate everyone’s tastes and preferences.  Potato wedges come with that order, but even though we love our local pizza joint, their potato wedges are mediocre at best.

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