Strawberry Yogurt Bundt Cake - Lord Byron's Kitchen

Strawberry Yogurt Bundt Cake - Lord Byron's Kitchen

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Who doesn’t love cake?  A good bundt cake recipe is a must-have for any home cook, and this Strawberry Yogurt Bundt Cake doesn’t get any easier or more delicious!

Yogurt.  I have a love/hate relationship with yogurt.  I love it, because it tastes good, but I hate it, because of John.e.  Allow me to explain…

Like I said, I love yogurt, but I’m not one of those “I gotta have yogurt every day!” types.  We always have individually-sized yogurts in our fridge, and I very often will take one with me to work, or have one with some fresh fruit on the weekends – especially in the summertime when I can sit outside and eat my breakfast.  Those are the times that I love yogurt.

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