8 Ways to Reduce Static Cling

8 Ways to Reduce Static Cling

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Static cling always becomes worse in the winter. Below are some ways to reduce static cling.

Static cling on your clothing and linens can be quite annoying. If you find yourself dealing with static cling often, you may be wondering how to avoid it. Luckily, static cling can be avoided in just a few, natural steps. Take a look at how you can banish static cling for good!

8 Ways to Reduce Static Cling

1. Invest in a clothesline.

When you hang dry your clothing, the clothes dry without rubbing against each other. This way, no static is formed. You can hang clothes on a clothesline, or use a simple folding drying rack to dry clothes. Both work great and help beat static cling.

2. Give soap nuts a try.

Soap nuts can be purchased at most health food stores. Toss a few in a muslin bag (usually sold with the soap nuts) and toss the entire bag in your washing cycle. They will not only work in place of a traditional detergent, but they will help keep clothing soft without adding static. The bag can also be used for multiple washes, which saves you money. Here are some soap nuts with bags.

3. Try using safety pins.

Place a few safety pins on a washcloth and add it to your dryer when you run a load of laundry to help reduce static cling.

4. Don’t over dry.

Dry items in the dryer for only as long as necessary. When you over dry items you are not only wasting electricity, you are causing them to charge more. If you want, you can even remove items when just slightly damp and allow them to hang dry until ready.

5. Try some vinegar in the washer.

Add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the liquid fabric softener compartment. It will help reduce static and there is no need to worry about your clothing smelling.

6. Give dryer balls a try.

Make a ball out of wool yarn. Just wrap the yarn until a small, fist-sized ball forms. Then, place a piece of hosiery over the ball to keep it secure. Toss a few of these in your dryer and they will help soften the clothes without adding any static. If you don't have time to make dryer balls, you can buy dryer balls online.

7. Make vinegar drying sheets.

Take a washcloth and mist it with white vinegar. You only want it damp, not saturated. Toss the washcloth in with your clothing when you dry it. It will help keep the clothes soft without the risk of static OR smell!

8. Set aside synthetics.

Static cling tends to be a problem with fabrics such as nylon and poly blends. Try to separate these items and dry them on their own. This way, they aren’t charging up your cotton and linen materials, causing tons of static.


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