Late Summer Cleaning List

Late Summer Cleaning List






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This late summer cleaning list is perfect for getting your house ready for a new school year.

August brings back to school season, whether the kids are heading off to school or starting a new session of homeschooling. It’s time to get back to a routine and touch on their areas in the home to create a productive and happy environment. We also want to begin preparing for fall and winter by bringing out some of the things we have packed away. Here is my late summer cleaning list to get ready for fall and back to school.

Late Summer Cleaning List

1. Open the windows and give the house a good airing out – I have to do this at least 2-3 times a year. It is a just a good way to freshen up the stale air.

2. Start switching out summer and winter clothes – Begin to pack up summer pieces and bring in fall clothes and kid's school clothes. You can upcycle short sleeve shirts by pairing them with long shirts underneath to extend their use into cooler weather. Unpack some fall/winter outerwear. Wash them or at least hang them to air out. Even properly stored items get that musty smell after being put up for awhile.

3. Gather outgrown summer clothing/shoes – Make a quick sweep of closet and drawers, clean out over worn clothing and take usable outgrown pieces to a donation center.

4. Clean out entry closet/mudroom closet – Hit whichever area you use for morning and after school routines. Make sure there is a place to hang book bags and coats, as well as a place to leave shoes. Give it a good sweep, scrub, and purge to make room for new needs.

5. Pull out backpacks and lunchboxes – Wash or sanitize if needed. Even though we gave them a good cleaning back at the end of the school year they may have become a bit musty and can always use a fresh spray to kill germs.

6. Go through lunch box accessories – Organize a spot for them on a shelf or in a cabinet, and use baskets to separate items. Toss out containers with missing pieces.

7. Create a lunch assembling spot – Make one that is easy for the kids to use so they can not only help but learn some valuable life skills. For small spaces, this might mean a basket on the counter. If you have more room, you might dedicate an entire section of the kitchen counter for a kids station.

8. Empty out the fridge – Give it a good scrubbing and make a spot for lunch items/after school snacks. I use the bottom drawer to keep pre portioned fruit, yogurt, and other healthy snacks that need to be kept in the fridge.

9. Descale the coffee pot, wipe the outside down thoroughly – It’s back to school time, you are going to need the reinforcement of your daily coffee!

10. Dust off and reorganize small appliances – Generally, summer is more relaxed cooking but it's time to get back into a routine. Wipe off and bring out small appliances like pressure cookers.

11. Slide out appliances and sweep/mop underneath- Pull the fridge and stove out of their spots to sweep thoroughly and mop clean. You never know what you might find under there!

12. Create or reorganize your homework station (or homeschool desk) –  Toss out old papers and replace broken or missing writing utensils.

13. Organize and store school supplies – Now that you have stocked up on all the great back to school deals you want to make a spot for your supplies that is easy to access.

14. Reassess chores and schedules, grab new calendar if needed – This is a good time to reassess who is doing what chores and add new chores for older children. Here are some tips on creating chore lists and age appropriate chores.

15. Scrub kids bathroom top to bottom – Give the floor around the toilet a good scrub (especially if you have boys). Wash the shower curtain and any rugs.

16. Organize kids personal care items – Go through personal care products for kids like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and replace toothbrushes.

17. Scrub and vacuum between/under cushions in the living room – I know in my house the couch has been a landing pad for sweaty sandy bodies, dogs, and who knows what else. Vacuum underneath the cushions where dirt ends up. Pull the cover off cushions and wash them if you can. If not make a simple upholstery cleaner by combining rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray a small area at a time and scrub with a clean cloth, then allow it to air dry. Always test your upholstery cleaner on a small spot first.

18. Wash throw rugs throughout the house in hot water – Wash all rugs in hot water and ½ a cup of baking soda to sanitize and remove odors.

19. Change out the AC filters and dust the vents – If you haven’t swapped your filters recently, make sure you put in a new one and dust each vent throughout the house as well. If you need to, call a technician to check the heating unit before cold weather sets in.

20. Wipe down interior walls and doors – Give the kids a slightly damp rag with a safe cleaner and permission to attack all the fingerprints on the vertical surfaces in your home.

21. Gather outdoor items for storage – If your entertaining season is at an end, you can go ahead and wash and store outdoor furniture cushions, tiki torches, etc…

22. Sweep and wash off front entry- Sweep away dust and cobwebs from summer, put away summer decor, add a new plant that will be cold weather tolerant to welcome guests.

23. Give the interior of your car some attention – Summer likely brought sand and other debris into the car. Give it a good vacuum, empty under the seats, and empty out the trunk to make room for things like fall sports equipment.

24. Wash the outside of the car – Let the kids help; this is a great way to get in one more fun summer splash fest before it is time for carlines or trips to coop.

Printable Late Summer Cleaning List

You can print the August Cleaning Checklist here or by clicking on the image below:

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